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Castel del Rio is an ancient hamlet that preserves some famous architectural heritage enhanced by the genuineness of the Apennines traditions. Here borns the “Pro Loco Alidosiana”; to bring out these costumes, to promote tourism in the small town that has a lot to offer.

The Pro Loco also manages the “Cantinaccia” which is a shop for local products and wines from “Sapori dei Colli di Imola”, situated inside of the Palazzo Alidosi.

In the specific the Pro Loco organizes festivals, visits, researchers, excursions, conferences and various food events.

The most important events are:

La Festa del Fiori ( Flowers Festival ) : every year, in the 25th of April, Castel del Rio’s little square is loaded with flowers for the arrival of spring.

La Sagra del Porcino : Porcino Festival , which is a typical mushroom from ours woods, take places every year in the last two weekends of August it is surly the biggest event organized by the Pro Loco Alidosiana that always brings thousands of people to Castel del Rio.

Festival of the Craft Beer : every 15th of August, which in Italy is called “ferragosto” take places the festival of the craft beer.

La Sagra del Marrone ( Chestnuts Festival) : the most ancient festival it started in 1946; it takes places every Sunday of October after the 6th.

Every moment of the year is worth to visit Castel del Rio. Visiting Castel del Rio means to live an incredible adventure. We invite you to visit all the events in program for 2016 season. You can spend vacations and relaxing weekends discovering nature. The events are many and suitable to any type of tastes and activities.

You will be welcomed by a great community of people, you will feel part of every festival, event and cultural activity the whole year.

Come to visit us, we are waiting for you!

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